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› acquiring network address issue › my laptop cant acquire network address › my wifi keep on Acquiring Network Address › NIC Stuck on acquiring network address › My computer keeps saying 'Acquiring Network Address' › Dell PC cannot acquire net address for wifi › cannot acquire ip address at home Dell Latitude D410 - Wireless Stuck On Acquiring Network Now suddenly, after the reformat, my network connection gets stuck on "Acquiring network address." Running ipconfig shows either or a blank space for each field.Other laptops in the house work fine.I did discover that I can get it to say "Connected" if I go into the advanced settings and manually enter an IP address and use the subnet GVC stuck on acquiring IP for some users | SonicWall GVC stuck on acquiring IP for some users. RESOLUTION: Make sure that the SonicWall LAN subnet and workstation IP address are not in the same subnet. Try disabling the firewall and antivirus applications on the workstation. If you are running a client-based software firewall on the Vista machine, check if the version is Vista compatible Acquiring Network Address - Computer Hope

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