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For Example, IPSec can be used in between two routers in order to create a site-to-site VPN and between a firewall and windows host for a remote access VPN. SSL : It is a networking protocol that is used at the transport layer to provide a secure connection between the client and the server over the internet. ssl vpn vs ipsec comparison When comparing the IPSec and OpenVPN naturally raises the question where the technology is more secure. The question can be answered by saying that the two technologies, secure configuration key is long enough and provided can be used safely for a VPN in the country at this time.

Initially, the only VPN technology available was the IPsec VPN standard, with the introduction of SSL in 1999. Anyone establishing a network connection chooses between the two protocols depending on requirements. What is IPsec. IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) is a VPN protocol that encrypts and secures data sent over the internet.

IPSec vs. SSL. IPSec is designed to support a permanent connection between locations. It does not need to rely on any specific application: it provides the authentication, authorization, and