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Before you begin the application process and sit for the CIA exam, the ExamMatrix team feels it’s beneficial to know the kinds of jobs you can get with the CIA certification, which may give you an added incentive to move forward with your internal auditor career goals. Work Like a Spy: Career Advice From a CIA Operative - The Muse When you’re bored with your day job, you probably find yourself daydreaming about a more exciting position: Maybe you could go be a Hollywood starlet, play with animals all day at the zoo—or get in on all the action as a CIA officer.. J.C. Carleson didn’t just daydream. CIA Hiring Timeline - CIA - Federal Soup Oct 19, 2009

The entry-level CIA agent job is the core collector. Individuals who want to learn how to become a core collector with the CIA must apply for either the CIA’s Professional Trainee (PT) or the Clandestine Service (CST) program.

Jun 24, 2020 Want to Get a Job at the CIA? Here's How. And many more career options for you to evaluate in your job search; Get a Degree in Criminal Justice. Truthfully, whichever career option you pursue when looking for CIA jobs will usually require you to hold a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Choosing a program that meets your needs is just as important as the rest of the decision-making

CIA special agents generally work in either intelligence gathering (clandestine services) or internal investigations. All careers within the CIA require a distinct set of qualifications and characteristics, all of which must be met, as this agency demands only the most qualified and capable individuals to become CIA …

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