Jul 13, 2016 · Creating a Google Chrome Shortcut on Your Desktop Open Google Chrome and go to a website for which you would like to create a shortcut. Click Customize and control Google Chrome > Tools > Create application shortcuts: A small dialog box will open. Select your preferences and click Create: A desktop shortcut of the webpage will be created.

Dec 23, 2012 How to Create a Desktop Shortcut | AOL.com How to Create a Desktop Shortcut. When you install most software programs they will either ask you if you want a shortcut on the desktop or they'll just put one there. how do I get the eBay desktop icon - The eBay Community Locate your cursor on an unoccupied area of your desktop. Right click, hover over New, click Shortcut. For the location in the shortcut, type in www.ebay.com then click Next. Give the shortcut a title and click on out. You can hold down on the short cut and drag it to where you want it.

How to Add Your Chrome Profile Shortcut to Windows 10

Mac users who have switched to a Windows 10 PC might need help making desktop shortcuts. Here's how to make shortcuts for Desktop and Modern Windows apps. By Andy Rathbone . As you work in Windows 10, you'll constantly find yourself traveling between the desktop and the Start menu. You need a shortcut.When you grow tired of meandering through the woods to find a program, folder, disk drive, document, or even a website, create a desktop shortcut — an icon that takes you directly to the object of your desires. problem with win 10 icon display on desktop. up till 15 days ago, my desktop icons were all great icon and name of program icon takes u 2. now, icon and name of program icon takes u 2 shortcut 1.28kb. or icon and name of program icon takes u 2 internet shortcut 1.28kb ***** can't figure out how to get rid of the "internet shortcut

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How to Make Desktop Shortcuts on Mac | Laptop Mag Jan 19, 2018 Create Desktop Icon Settings Shortcut in Windows 10