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Apr 12, 2018 How to delete history on Samsung Galaxy J2 - Phone-Info Apr 09, 2018 How Do I Clear the History in My Samsung Galaxy S How Do I Clear the History in My Samsung Galaxy S? The Samsung Galaxy S collects a history of your web browsing activity to allow you to view all websites visited. According to Samsung, you can clear the browsing history and remove this list through the use of the included Internet browser.

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How do I clear my search history on my iPhone and protect

11 months ago by admin and 690 Views . how to delete the Google search history on my Samsung android phone, I have found myself needing to delete google search history on a number of occasions on my Samsung.Each time I’ve had to do it I have used the following steps. Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your iPhone Sep 19, 2019 View or delete search history - Android - YouTube Help