Spotify can only make their service available where the labels allow the content to be available to. Would be pointless to provide the service in Romania and have a very small catalogue of access to music versus everywhere else with a much larger music catalogue, spotify would still lose customers to someone else until more music was available.

How to Use Spotify in India and Other Unsupported Countries Spotify is available in most of Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, and some regions of Asia which include India as well. You can now listen to music on Spotify in India and you can also get the paid subscription for ad-free music streaming with the highest streaming quality. See the complete list of countries where Spotify is available Spotify Launches in Russia and 12 Other Countries – NewsLux Spotify is now available in Russia, Croatia, Ukraine, and 10 other countries in Eastern Europe. This brings the total number of countries the streaming music service operates in to 92. It’s also likely to bag Spotify millions of new listeners, both free and paid. SoundCloud Go availability – SoundCloud Help Center SoundCloud Go is now available in: Australia the USA and its territories: Puerto Rico American Samoa Guam Northern Marianas Virgin Islands United Kingdom and its territories: Guernsey Jers

Spotify, on the other hand, returns a list of every region the album’s available.) Note: The results aren’t perfect. Spotify and Rdio often have slight differences between artist and album

It's official: Spotify launches in MENA, available in 13

Spotify Launches in Russia and More European Countries

Jun 30, 2020 Spotify Kids launches in the US, Canada, France — now May 12, 2020