With FileVault enabled, the files on your Mac have an extra layer of protection—and you’re protecting yourself from anyone trying to sneak a back door into your Mac using Tokyoneon’s simple

What is FileVault and is it right for you? | iMore Dec 26, 2017 How and Why to use FileVault Disk Encryption on Mac Sep 11, 2018 What Is FileVault On Your Mac & Why Would You Want To Use It? Dec 31, 2018

Feb 08, 2017

Dec 16, 2014 Does FileVault encryption slow read/write access on an SSD FileVault 1 did slow things down noticeably, but with FileVault version 2 (Introduced in OS X 10.7 (Lion)) running on an SSD there is no noticeable decrease in reading or writing files. I have this enabled on a 15" MacBook Pro Retina and a 2012 11" MacBook Air.

Jun 25, 2020

FileVault 2: What It Is And Why Every Mac User Should Use It I got a few questions asking me to explain what FileVault 2 is and why I decided to go with using it on both MacBook Pros in my home. FileVault 2 is a full disk encryption system offered by Apple in OS X that encrypts the entire hard disk using XTS-AES [Warning: PDF] 128 encryption How to restart a FileVault-protected Mac remotely - CNET How to restart a FileVault-protected Mac remotely. If necessary, you can restart a FileVault-enabled Mac and have it automatically unlock the volume and load the operating system. How to enable FileVault remotely in OS X - CNET FileVault is generally set up in the Security system preferences, where you can enable and select accounts to allow unlocking of the disk, but if you have your Mac set up as a server and wish to FileVault on Mac: Do you have it turned on/off and why