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Send freebsd-net mailing list submissions to > The packet is tagged so as to use the FIB (routing table) fibnum > in any subsequent forwarding decisions. Initially this is limited ipfw add netgraph tablearg all from 'table(9)' to any in. When I run ipfw show, I see:

Policy-based routing is used by network administrators to route packets defined by the administrator themselves. Policy-based routing overrides the routing table and any routes defined by IPsec. This article covers how to configure policy routing with any of these goals in mind: 1. Route traffic out WAN2 based on the source network. 2. How to Set hostname & Static IP address on FreeBSD 12 Dec 15, 2018 Best Ways to Flush Routing Table from Cache on Linux

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I am testing FRR 5.0.1 (we currently use Quagga for several border routers) in a local testbed, configured extremely simply. router1 external interface is directly connected to router2 over the network; router1 is and router2 is systems are running FreeBSD 11.2. FreeBSD jail - Wikipedia The jail mechanism is an implementation of FreeBSD's OS-level virtualisation that allows system administrators to partition a FreeBSD-derived computer system into several independent mini-systems called jails, all sharing the same kernel, with very little overhead.It is implemented through a system call, jail(2), as well as a userland utility, jail(8), plus, depending on the system, a number 233283 – IPv6 routing problem when using FreeBSD as a VPS