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Simply put, your DNS. (domain name system) allows your to comfortable surf the internet and easily find sites like with needing to memorize an IP address.. Changing your DNS server could offer some benefits to you and your device. People have noted improved speed and reliability, and can also access geolocked websites and outmanoeuvre content filters.

If your website is hosted with GoDaddy, but your domain is registered elsewhere, you can manage DNS with GoDaddy by updating your nameservers with your domain registrar. You can find the nameservers for your domain in your GoDaddy account, then enter them at your domain registrar. how to find out who is managing my DNS records? - Server Fault The delegated Name Servers are where your zone file is going to be located. The second is your Name Server. Whatever your domain registrar is configured to use as your Name Servers is where your zone file is. That is where you want to access to make changes to DNS records. The third is your hosting provider.

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How to find out what servers are pointing to what DNS server?