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This manual is intended to offer a quick introduction to Linux-PAM. For more information the reader is directed to the Linux-PAM system administrators' guide . Linux-PAM is a system of libraries that handle the authentication tasks of applications (services) on the system. The library provides a stable general interface (Application Programming Interface - API) that privilege granting programs (such as login (1) … Linux HowTO: PAM Tutorial Jul 13, 2012 How to Configure and Use PAM in Linux - Tecmint

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Since the answer is really to long to be written here, I can link you my PAM tutorials: Write a Linux PAM module and Linux PAM Configuration tutorial. Before starting writing the module I advise you to read the configuration tutorial first, in which you can learn what does the module do. Understanding and configuring PAM – Build Smart. Build Mar 10, 2009

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pam_cracklib(8) - Linux man page pam_cracklib(8) - Linux man page Name. pam_cracklib - PAM module to check the password against dictionary words Synopsis. [] Description. This module can be plugged into the password stack of a given application to provide some plug-in strength-checking for passwords. GitHub - linux-pam/linux-pam: Linux PAM (Pluggable Linux PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux) project - linux-pam/linux-pam