Dec 17, 2019 · Linux distro for powerful PC and laptop: Ubuntu. Ubuntu 17.10. Canonical’s Ubuntu needs no introduction in the world of open source. Based on Debian architecture, Ubuntu has managed to balance

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7 best Linux live CD distro for 7 different purpose

Dec 12, 2019

10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros For Old Computers [2020

Best Linux distro, built to be lightweight and has only essential packages added – Manjaro Linux – Arch Linux-based Best Windows look-a-like Linux distro, made … Elive: Fast, Beautiful and Powerful OS Intuitive Powerful Elive, maybe the best Linux OS ever made - And probably the only distro you'll stay with - But Elive is not for everyone, are you the exception? 8 best Linux distro for laptops in 2020 - PCsuggest Dec 17, 2019 Best Lightweight Linux Distros - Aug 17, 2015