Feb 06, 2019

Nov 15, 2017 (Solved) - Why am I losing internet connection I was "tweaking" my internet connection speed with Auslogics BoostSpeed 5. Now, I lose connection very often and the "up stream" and "cable" lights on my router go out at times. Even though all the lights on my modem may stay on, I still can't connect to any websites. Computer randomly loses internet connection then freezes

Nov 15, 2017

My PC "Loses" Internet Broadband Connection | MajorGeeks Feb 22, 2005

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Nov 26, 2016 PS4 randomly loses Wifi connection and disconnects Hi, as the title says: PS4 randomly loses Wifi connection and disconnects controller and no way to reconnect them again or having my PS4 controller to detect the console again, UNLESS I do a HARD RESET to the console (keeping the power button touched with finger for several seconds - doing a turn off / turn on cycle manually) Randomly Loses Internet Connection | Tom's Guide Forum Mar 28, 2018