Hi, i just want to clear something about maximum number of SSL VPN user. We have a box PA-3220 and on its spec sheet it is specified that 1000 is the maximum SSL VPN user. So we are implementing a Global Protect gateway using SSL, is the 1000 specified on the spec sheet used as the maximum for the number of remote users connected to this

How to increase VPN connection limit in Win2k3 Mar 26, 2014 VPN TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE - Miami-Dade County Error: Maximum number of sessions reached The user may be attempting to establish more VPN connections than they are allowed. There may be multiple concurrent connection attempts to a static IP Nortel VPN client, conflicting software must be removed from the system.

ASDM Book 3: Cisco ASA Series VPN ASDM Configuration Guide

apt gateway 2 (india, uae, pak, sau, sri, kuw, aus, nzl) Public KB - KB16778 - How to avoid the Admin user being Aug 01, 2015 Cisco Bug: CSCtn61148 - ASA stops handling ikev2 sessions

To prevent this security risk, you can limit the number of failed login attempts. After the configured maximum number of failed login attempts is reached, FortiOS blocks access to the account for the configured blackout period. To configure number of maximum login attempts: This example sets the maximum number of login attempts to five.

Synology VPN server limits the maximum number of concurent In Synology DiskStation DS216j with DSM 6.0 in the settings of VPN server for PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP, there is a line "Maximum connection number" with possible options just 3 or 5. According to Synology KnowledgeBase , its purpose is "to limit the number of concurrent VPN connections", probably with the intention of limiting the cpu usage. What does the message Session limit reached mean? A list of the TeamViewer IDs currently in sessions. Note: TeamViewer can only display the TeamViewer ID of the device. It is not possible to display a device alias or the current user signed in to TeamViewer. In cases where a team member forgot to close a session the channel will be used until the session will be ended (manually or automatically).