Open Programs and Features. Windows Vista and Windows 7. In such circumstance, reinstalling Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client may do the trick. Run the installer either in the original disk or the download file to reinstall the program again. Sometimes, the installer may …

But could not find the Cisco AnyConnect secure mobility client connection. Here’s the message ffrom the the cisco anyconnect client ver 4.3.03xxx on Windows10… 11:47:31 PM Contacting xxx country 11:47:32 PM Posture Assessment: Required for access 11:47:32 PM Posture Assessment: Checking for updates… VPN Client FAQ - Cisco Nov 06, 2014 windows 7 - Cisco AnyConnect throws : VPN Service not Type "services.msc" and hit Enter to open Service Manager. In the Services Manager look for "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Agent". Right Click, Open Properties and Set "Startup Type" to "Automatic". Hit "Apply" and then "OK".

Cisco VPN problems happen in Win10 and in Win8.1 Fixing them should be easy so do these three steps in order: (a) Re-install the Cisco software to make sure you are running latest version. (b) Set the program to Compatibility mode for WIN7 (or WIN8) - in 90% of problems THIS FIXES THE VPN FAILURE :) if that doesnt work then try this (c) Use REGEDIT to modify HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software

To open this port on McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection 5.2.0 you need to go to Action Menu –> Set Connection Type –> Custom –> Add Approved Service and add/specify TCP port 1723. Do not Move Cisco Shortcuts. Shortly after Cisco VPN install I moved the icon group away from the Start Menu – Programs folder. Fix Cisco VPN not working in Windows 10 - YouTube Aug 05, 2018

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Solved: Cannot Launch Cisco Anyconnect version - Cisco User's are then able to VPN into the network until the next reboot on the machine. Troubleshooting steps: * Ran the compatibility troubleshooter * Rebooted several times * Uninstalled/reinstalled the application * Made sure all associated files were removed prior to re-installing the application. AnyConnect VPN Client Troubleshooting Guide - Cisco Aug 30, 2018 Fix 10 common Cisco VPN problems - TechRepublic