The -i option of iptables takes an interface name.. You can use ifconfig or ip addr to list all available interfaces and their configuration.. Usually there is one interface called lo which is configured for, i.e. all ip-addresses starting with 127.When used as a destination the interface simply delivers the data to the same host.. In your case the -i refers to the input interface.

Set up your network interface. e.g # ip link set dev eth0 up # ip addr add brd + dev eth0 # ip addr add brd + dev eth0 Add a default route to your router. # ip route add default via dev eth0 Set up NAT Clear iptables and set default policies. Docker and iptables | Docker Documentation Docker and iptables Estimated reading time: 4 minutes On Linux, Docker manipulates iptables rules to provide network isolation. While this is an implementation detail and you should not modify the rules Docker inserts into your iptables policies, it does have some implications on what you need to do if you want to have your own policies in addition to those managed by Docker. Quick HOWTO : Ch14 : Linux Firewalls Using iptables Aug 10, 2012 Iptables masqurading fails on outbound interface

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IPTABLES(8) iptables 1.8.5 IPTABLES(8) NAME top iptables/ip6tables — administration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filter‐ ing and NAT --in-interface name Name of an interface via which a packet was received (only for packets entering the INPUT, FORWARD and PREROUTING chains). When the "!" argument is used before the interface name, the

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Sep 26, 2018 How to Set Up Gateway Using iptables and route on Linux Feb 20, 2020 CentOS - Disable Iptables Firewall - Linux - ShellHacks Before stopping the iptables you should understand that it serves for security of the Linux system and if it is properly configured, it helps to protect server from the different network attacks.. Disabling the iptables is not a good idea if you definitely don’t realize what you are doing and why.. It is acceptable to stop and disable the iptables only if this is your local test machine and iptable port forward between two lan interface May 20, 2012