tcp on port 53 for dns - security/firewall questions

Private Internet Access Android Setup Guide - VPN Fan Port 53 – This is the port used by DNS for requests. Local port – This allows you to set a local port to send data through which is then redirected to the remote port. Internet kill switch – Once set, this will kill all Internet traffic from the device if the VPN connection is dropped. EdgeRouter - How to Create a Guest\LAN Firewall Rule Adding Firewall Rules. Back to Top. Firewall policies are used to allow traffic in one direction and block it in another direction. The EdgeRouter uses a stateful firewall, which means the router firewall rules can match on different connection states. In the example diagram above, firewall rules will be added to limit the traffic between the trust LAN ( and the GUEST network Private Internet Access on Unifi Dream Machine Pro : UNIFI

"Connection refused" means that BIND isn't actually running on that port, for that particular IP address. It's a common default configuration for BIND on desktop installs to only listen on the "loopback" IP address. In fact your netstat -an output confirms that - I can see it listening on but not on

Attacking Private Networks from the Internet with DNS

Apr 20, 2020

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