Roku Error 014: How To Connect Roku To Your Wi-Fi Network

Roku suddenly won't connect to network - Roku Community Roku B (family room) couldn’t see ANY networks – there are at least a dozen local wifi networks in the neighborhood. Reset it. Restarted it. Kept trying to connect. Nothing. Swapped cables with Roku A (mancave). Nothing. No networks seen. Pulled Roku A from the man cave and connected it in the family room. Worked perfectly. 014 Error - Cannot Connect to LOCAL Network - Roku Forums Mar 12, 2012 Player can't connect to local network - Roku Forums

Solution 2: Changing Network Security Protocol. As mentioned before, Roku is not fond of AES protocols implemented in the network security. There were several cases where Roku refused to update/connect just because of the type of protocol used in the network. We can try changing the protocol and see if …

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