Get a VPN for Canada by and fear no spying, surveillance or boundaries on the internet. Yes, the usage of a VPN is completely legal. It is your right to protect and encrypt your Internet connection and not to leave traces at every corner of the Internet. You use a cover for your letters, so why should everyone be able to track your

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Are VPNs Legal In Your Country (196 Countries Reviewed)

Jul 26, 2017 Feb 16, 2020 · VPN use in Canada – Legal or not? The short answer is simple: Yes, it’s currently legal to use a VPN in Canada. In fact, many organizations, like government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, and others utilize VPNs to protect sensitive data. Jun 06, 2020 · Regardless of the ambiguity and many uncertainties, the law in Canada is quite clear on this issue. Virtual private networks are just as legal as freedom of expression. Meaning, there is not a single law disallowing the usage of popular commercial VPNs in the Great White North. Is VPN Legal in Canada? Are you wondering, “is using a VPN legal in Canada or not?” The country has a population of more than 36 million inhabitants, out of which 96% use the Internet – making it one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the world! Yes, VPN usage is completely legal in Canada.

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