By clicking a link from Google's account settings page, users can find out what the tech giant thinks it knows about them based on search history and browsing data from Google-owned sites like

May 17, 2011 · Google does, of course, use IP addresses for more hyper-local results (San Francisco versus New York, for instance) but even for this purpose, they must clearly be using additional data as the Google knows what your friends and connections do. Via: all of the above. Finally (even though I could probably go on for a while), there is one big important piece of information that Google knows about you: it knows what your friends and connections do. As we all know, the most receptive we are is for the people around us. Feb 11, 2020 · Under Google Account > Data & personalization, you can play with your activity controls and disable what data Google can track and collect from you. These activities include web and app activity When it comes to assigning additional search terms, does Google really know what's best for its clients? Not necessarily, according to Loose Cannon columnist Richard H. Levey. For his take on what correspondence between a marketer and a Google representative over this issue might look like, click the title, above. Aug 21, 2017 · Google knows an awful lot about you. Google has a hub, which is pretty much a juicy tell-all tale about your digital life Credit: Google. You can tweak your settings to get more control over what May 23, 2017 · Google now knows when its users go to the store and buy stuff. By . Google said it requires its partners to use only personal data that they have the “rights” to use, but it would not say Google has emerged as a dominant internet site offering services most Americans probably use at least once a day. Over the years, Google has also been in the position to gather a vast amount of information. For instance, Google knows your contacts, your search history, even your conversations with other people.

For Google, it's more about data and keeping you closely connected to Google services — because the more Google knows about you, the more effective ads it can serve you both within those

Google knows all of these things from your many internet searches. It’s understandable if you consider this is a terrible privacy risk — because it is. Google Trends Google apps How to see everything Google knows about you.

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