Oct 16, 2019

How to Cancel App Store Subscriptions via iOS and iTunes Jun 03, 2020 View or Cancel my in-app purchase | SmartLine - GoDaddy If you purchased your SmartLine subscription through an in-app purchase, your free trial and subscription billing are managed by the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can view or cancel your subscription from the SmartLine app. iPhone. You can cancel your subscription from the SmartLine settings. Go to the SmartLine settings and tap Manage Amazon.co.uk Help: Accidentally Purchased Content

How can I cancel in app purchase : For iOS Go to Settings in your iOS device Tap [your name] Tap iTunes & App Store Tap your Apple ID Tap View Apple ID. You might have to authenticate your Apple ID here T

Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Feb 05, 2020

In-app purchases have become a thorny issue for customers in Apple’s ecosystem. You can get access to your entire purchase history on the iTunes Store on your Mac and PC.

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