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Netflix DNS-unblocking without SNI for your Xbox 360, PS3 My poor man’s DNS-unblocking configuration using just a single, public IP address has one serious limitation: it will not run Netflix or Hulu Plus with non-SNI players like the PS3, Xbox 360, Samsung TVs, Sony BluRay players and possibly quite a few other devices. A commenter (kudos go out to Alex) suggested to use Netfilter’s DNAT port forwarding mechanism to overcome this limitation. Netflix not available on XBOX 360 for free XBOX LIVE Jan 19, 2020 netflix on xbox 360 - Time Warner Cable - Legacy Jun 27, 2009 Xbox Official Site: Consoles, Games, and Community | Xbox

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Xbox 360. This guide will help you set up your Xbox 360. If you are using multiple Wi-Fi networks you may have to repeat this setup when you change to a different Wi-Fi network. There are number of steps involved but fortunately this should only be necessary once. We have divided this into three categories. How to Setup Xbox 360 - Unlocator Support

Configure My Smart DNS for Xbox 360 Through to the Account Dashboard - your IP* needs to be activated. Once this one-click step has been accomplished the next steps are completed directly from your Xbox 360.

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